Sunday, September 6, 2009

TriBute tO Housemate

.:السلام عليكم:.

Last Sunday was very at Mydin Mall wit my housemate-to-be was like babysitting..annoying + usual,we promised to meet at 10 o'clock and arrived there around 11..erm,i forgot to inaugurate my fellow a short introduction about them..

Zaidi aka Nasi Goreng's is his idea in the first place who put us in a house..i have no objection on that..anyway, i'm single and available(terpromote myself)..the title 'nasi goreng' was originated from our arabic teacher, Ustaz Mourad..eventhough Zaidi prefers to introduce himself as 'kacang' but Ustaz Mourad always dubbed Zaidi as 'nasi goreng' in,i guess the name stay..

Asyraf aka The Victim

Eventhough Seraf was the oldest among us but his attidute quite ill-matured(kih3)..i prefer to label him as 'The Victim'..dun get me's not me who always pulling his legs but others do it(ha3,i'm stay out of it)..there's an incident of him with Paih's sweet wrapper (funny+disgusting when it occur in my mind again..kah3)..i guess let just me and Paih giggle about that..let gone bygones rite??

Duan aka Mr. Nerd

wasn't his face symbolized 'kenerdan'(kah3..but serious,nerd rite?)..this whole nerd thing was Seraf idea..well, i dun know how to describe him but for sure he love to eat..erm,he love to bluff and quite exasperating + irritating sumtims..yet,he always has his own opinions on sumtin which make him inimitable..

Ejaq aka Adeq

He dislikes me to call him ADEQ but 'ske ati aq r'(i look stupid when i speak in malay..hik3)..dun kesot yet..erm,he's a jolly type but try to act firm sumtin (which is quite weird)..a nice guy..he always concerned for other in his own ways..respect others and always be careful on his to nyibuk in others Cbox and promote his blog..that all i guess..

Well,here some pics that we captured during our 'Shopin Day!'..i guess we spent around RM400++..what can i say,a big appetite come with a big tummy..

a snap with our 1 year food stock in Egypt

side - view of our trolley

Sup Bunjut Adabi, 10kg of Milo,Cukup Rasa,Mee Lidi and ...

we aren't over shopin rite?!

I guess the shopping went well..eventhough i thought we are too much..erm,this post is a tribute to my housemate to be on what i'm think about them..everyone has their own opinion on sumtim(read about Nematoda beside)..this what make them different+special.. to Tuanku,Org Cni, Shahrukh, The Poet,Papa and OneFaiz..the next post will be dedicated to you..



  1. salam nematoda...hmmm..bgs2..dh bershopping utk beli brng ke mansoura yer.. oooo...adik yg suke tengok you tube tu pon g mansoura ea?? hehehe..
    btw..kalo de pape kemusykilan nk tnye,tnye je la yer.. jgn malu2..brng2 mknan ape yg korang beli yer?? bak cni k.aina check list mknan korang..heeheh...=P

  2. trima ksih sbb concern k.aina..erm,ktorg mcm over shopin je..

    maggi + rusky
    sup bunjut
    milo 10kg
    Maggi blacan + pti ikn blis + pti aym
    soo hun
    mee lidi
    asam jawa
    sos cili
    santan serbuk
    serbuk kari

  3. erm....x over nie... xpe je kalo over pon,k.aina phm..sbb k.aina dlu pon over jgak..hehehe...

    1)rempah ratus...erm...penting nie.. bwk la yer..kunyit+ rempah kari bwk la yer..sbb xde dkt sane.
    rempah kurma+ buah pelaga + k.aina de jmpe dkt mansoura hr tue. tp kalo nematoda bwk pon ok je.. xberat sgt pon brng2 nie..=)
    lada hitam+cili kering x perlu bwk yer,sbb de dkt mansoura.

    2)maggi jename indomie tu ade je dkt mansoura tp kalo nk buat stok maggi dr m'sia pon boleh je..mane la tahu nnti dah smpai mansoura teringin nk mkn maggi yg dkt msia pnye ke..=)

    3)sup bunjut pon bgs bwk sbb xde dkt mansoura..=)

    4)milo- bgs sgt2 kalo nematoda bwk sbb milo memang xde jual dkt mansoura. k.aina smpai kepingin sgt nk minum milo,sanggup gi cari minuman coklat buatan msia yg d jual dkt pasaraya tu stok milo k.aina dh habis..ehehhe..=)
    sbnarnyer de je jual milo dkt kedai mkn GMN dkt mansoura nie tp kwn k.aina kate x same mcm rase milo kite pon.. (msg ini penting utk penggemar2 milo yer)

    5)BELACAN-bgs bwk sbb memang xde blcan dkt mansoura..heheh..=P
    MAGGI BELACAN-pon boleh je bwk,k.aina dlu pon bwk bnde nie..heheh..
    PATI IKAN BILIS+ PATI AYM - kalo x bwk pon x pe sbb de jual dkt pasaraya mansoura..=)

    6)SOO HUN- bgs kalo bwk sbb memang xde dkt mansoura

    7)MEE LIDI- ape tu mee lidi yer?? spargeti ke?? kalo spargeti xperlu bwk sbb ade je dkt mansoura.. makaroni pon same ade je dkt mansoura.. senang je nk cari..dkt kedai runcit mansoura ade,dkt pasar mansoura pon ade..=)

    8) ASAM JAWA- penting sgt bwk..hehehe..sbb memang xde asam jawa dkt sane..=)

    9)SOS CILI- bg k.aina penting sgt.. sbb dkt sane bnyk sos tomato je. k.aina kalo beli sos dkt sane mesti cari sos tomato yg de gambar cili jgak tp rase dia mcm sos tomato je..=) so..bgs kalo nematoda bwk..=)

    10)SANTAN SERBUK-boleh je kalo nk k.aina dh jumpe santan dlm tin dkt mansoura!! hehehe.. sgt seronok bile jmpe tu..hehehe... santan dlm tin nie mcm santan segara dlm kotak yg dijual d m'sia tu..
    dkt sane de jual kelapa kering. dr situ kite boleh buat santan sndiri tp agak leceh la.. so bgs kalo de santan serbuk nie lebih senang dan cepat..=)

    11)STREPSIL- boleh je kalo nk bwk. tp kalo ubt2 nie senang je nk cari dkt sane sbb dkt mansoura bnyk sgt farmasi. tp kalo nematoda or kwn2 yg lain de alahan ape2...bwk la ubat alahan tu yer.. penting tu...

    12)KICAP- penting nie..sbb xde kicap dkt mansoura. tp dkt umah negeri di cairo ade je jual.. nak lebih senang bwk la yer.
    ~~cara nk pack kicap..~~k.aina pindah kn kicap dr botol kaca tu ke dlm botol air gas yg besar tu..lps tu balut kn dia dgn surat kabar bg tebal skit..then br la masuk dlm beg @ kotak..=)

    13)HALIA- xbwk pon xpe.. sbb dkt mansoura de jual halia serbuk. tp halia hidup tu xde dkt sane.. halia serbuk je ade.. k.aina pon gune je halia serbuk nie dkt sane.. ok je..boleh gune..=)

    14)KEPOK- bgs kalo bwk..sbb de senior smpai buat sendiri kepok dkt mansoura sbb kepingin sgt nk mkn kepok.. dkt sane xde kepok nie..hehehe..

    kalo de pape yg x paham dgn msg k.aina nie..tnye la yer..jgn malu2..=)