Wednesday, September 2, 2009

RumBia Camp?! (pARt 1)

.:السلام عليكم:.

I received a call from YT that morning.she asked me to take a letter at her office that day.well, she told me that the letter was regarding a preparation program that I had to attend before going to Egypt.i was shocked because as told to me by Encik Norazman himself, there are no any preparation programs like other overseas postgraduate student.i queried my father to pick up the letter on his way back from the soon as I received that letter, I relieved that the program is relatively a course than other preparation program. Yet, it was
33 days (a long period for me who is a homesick..hahaha).well, as stated in the letter that attendance is compulsory which leave me no choice other than attend it.

On the 11th July (which is my mom’s birthday+sister’s registration day for IPIS), I reported myself at Rumbia Resort and Villa.this was my first time here and my first impression was WOW!. I had no idea this would be an Arabic class until I perceived the schedule (I hate this subject since school..hi3).nevertheless, the place was somewhat opulence and comfy for me. Let me see..we live in a house(not a dorm of course),around 6 – 8 people per house(mine 8 which the most), 2 bathrooms, fully air – conditioned and equipped with Astro.what could we asked more?!(hi3). Been put in the house no. 56 was an I met these hot bachelors of the year:

* Ahmad Faizzuddin aka Paih – Islamic Study(Egypt)

* Amer Hudhaifah aka Hud– Arabic Language (Jordan)

* Mohd Aisamuddin aka Abg Ais - Islamic Study(Jordan)

* Mohd Zahir aka Zaher – Medicine (Egypt)

* Muhammad Bukhori aka Qori - Islamic Study(Egypt)

* Syakir aka Kay – Islamic Study(Egypt)

* Wan Mohd Khairuddin aka Kdin – Islamic Study(Egypt)

The camp was began with motivation conducted by Impact Learning Resource Sdn. Bhd. The motivation was more about knowing yourself and the Creator.the motivation was superb and outstanding.thank to Cikgu Johar and Encik Shawal who had show me that each people have their own potential to succeed in their own ways.

After those 2 days motivation program, our Arabic classes started that told to us, Ustaz Fauzi (one of the lecturer in UDM) and Ustaz Mourad(a Moroccan who live in Malaysia around 8 years) will teach us. Their ways of teaching were inimitable and remarkable. I personally who abhorrence Arabic language (not really) appeared to like this subject really much.

Ustaz Fauzi with his trademark (he2)

"kamu jangan menade - nade yer" would Ustaz Mourad's favourite phrase..

On the 2nd week, YT students which were 27 males and 17 females (correct me if I’m wrong) had a trip to Langkawi.we headed off from RRV around 9pm.making several stops made us arrived at the jetty around 10am.the journey continued like other tourists who had visited this Mahsuri Legendary Island.we checked in the resort and spent our nite there. Luckily Faiz brought his laptop or we might suffer that nite.the next day was the best part; we were able to see the sights in Pekan Kuah.some of us used this opportunity to ‘shopping’ (it’s a duty-free zone rite?!).the must – buy thing here was chocolate.they were many shops selling chocolate‘s like a chocolate paradise (quite like Charlie and Chocolate Factory ).

aren't chocolate bad for our teeth?

Some of us used this opportunity to buy luggage, shoes and new outfits. at this point, I would like to nominate Loth aka PAPA ROCK as a shopaholic (hi3). Playing bowling at Jetty Point was our next plan. I had to admit it that some of us was quite good for a first – trier (it’s more about luck than technique itself..he3). Eventhough we were not good bowlers but we enjoyed our game.

do doctors bowl?let's the picturre talk

As usual, every evening would be dedicated to the pool (he3).i preferred to just relax on the bench provided rather than entailed myself in the pool. (it’s not about I’m hydrophobia or a float like affirmed by Orang Cni but I just want to make sure that the resort management knew that people still used the bench..just in case they want to rid it out..muahahaha).

the forgotten bench

That nite was quite dreary.we decided to spend our last nite here wisely.well, some of us preferred to stay at the resort while other went to bowl AGAIN! Erm..well, I decided to spend my nite at the cinema.watching ‘Transformer: The Rise of The Fallen’ was fairly adequate.despite packed with action and the graphic was amazing, you can’t really understand if you dun watch it from earlier movies.we walked from the cinema to our resort as it was too late and there no taxi by that time. the constellation of stars was startling which make us engrossed till we reached the resort.

We checked out early in the morning.i couldn't enjoyed the breakfast since i was late.everybody was in the bus already. listened to Kak Zura last anecdote made us eager to visit that island again.before we took the ferry,we had given chances by kak zura to take a snap at Dataran Lang about 15 minutes.

last snap on Langkawi

As we arrived at Kuala Perlis,we anticipated for several minutes for the bus to fetch us there.we took several stops before reaching RRV.yet,surprised awaited us when we reached we asked our house key at the receptionist.she gave us new house.she told us that our old house was already booked.our dissapointment was undescribable.accepting the key no 13,we made our move to the new house.

Every clouds has it own silver lining.our house was situated near our classes.moreover, our new neighbours were also YT student. we always gathered and enjoyed our new home.people do say.'the merrier the better' rite?

'pose maut or post maut'??

a bowl of Maggi for all

von apetite..

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