Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DoctoR Syafiq or Captain Syafiq??

.:السلام عليكم:.

I'm sure this is my last post for Ramadhan's about a week before Eid(Rya Aidilfitri) + departure to Egypt..yet,i haven't start packing..i haven't finish duin my shopin..i haven't prepare my home for raye..need to change the curtain,need to order ketupat + sate, need to recheck those stuffs with my housemates..arghh!!!why there are so many thin to do in a short of Hassan Al- Banna famous quote occured in my minds :

Wahai pemuda!!Kerja kita banyak,masa kita kurang..bangunlah!!
(the Malay translation is better..ha3)

This picture intended to create 'Raye mood'..hik3

Just to share with the bloggers..i just received a phone call today..guess who??the officer from MAS Cadet Pilot Programme called me..he gladly told me that i have passed the interview.. Flabbergasted + joyful + thankful when i heard the words uttered by him..well,it's my dream to become a pilot.. Though,i had to reject the offer..well,i have give my all (just like Mariah Carey..kih3) for this Egypt thing..I hope i dun make a wrong choice when i choose medicine in Egypt as my next field of study..i always thinking why do i make this choice..frankly speaking,i had told myself since school i wanna be a,the chance is already there..all i have to do is grab it..yet,i just squander it..guess being a doctor is not my cup of tea (not suited me at all actually)..i dun have the characteristics of a doctor..

A doctor must be punctual + friendly + NERD (my impression on them..kih3).. These are the must thing that a doctor must,i guess i'm out of it..i prefer to be sumtin that dun need to read + study + memorize much..i guess my brains are mathematical type..i have no problem wit Add Math since form 4..scoring A1 for Add Math is so so for me(kih3)..yet,my biggest quandary are History,Islamic Study n Biology..too many too memorize..those terms and definitions make them tougher..Nevertheless,thanked to my friends that willing to teach + guide along the way..a friend in need is a friend indeed..i'm sure it will be hard for me to find friends like them..

a nerd,geek or dork??

This whole medicine thing was actually my parents reverie + hope..they want to see there are at least a doctor in our,guess being the eldest means you have to be the trendsetters and examples to the young,they will continue the legacy inaugurate by me..

Last but not least,thanks to Yayasan Terengganu that willing to give me the chance to further my study at the Middle East + meet new friends..or i have to take that biomedical engineering at UM i guess..for sure i'll become a pure geek(hik3)..this would be my new family at Egypt :

1. Papa Rock
2. The Victim
3. Mr. Nerd
4. The Poet
5. Adeq
6. Shahrukh
7. Tuanku
8. Nasi Goreng
9. OneFaiz
10. Orang Cni

p/s : the name is in alphabetical order rite?!

Guess my BLUE personality had prone me to write this post..nothing to say i presumed except till we meet again next year Ramadhan + Malaysia and....

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Saturday, September 12, 2009


.:السلام عليكم:.

This week was quite packed..alhamdullilah,i'm able to arrange a plan with my fellow friends to visit our Ustaz Mourad at Belara.. however,it didn't happen as plan..we phoned him at last minute intented to surprise him..yet,we who surprised when he told us that he has class that noon..frankly speaking,we quite dissappointed.. Luckily,we abled to come up with PLAN B which we decided to make a visit to Ustaz Fauzi’s house..quite anxious that he might has class that noon,we called him..luck was on our sides,he told us that he was home + on holiday(still studying for his Phd)..spent about 1 hour at his home,we made stopovers at Org Cni + Lya houses before headed home..thanked to Shahrul and Zahir who were willing to drive throughout the journey..

The next day was more hectic..we have a briefing regarding our flight to Egypt + break fast with Dato’ Ahmad..yet,i would like to share with the bloggers about a book that i read this week..well,the dun get me wrong..the book is not so thick (just in case you labelled me as nerd + bookworm)..eventhough ‘never judge a book by its cover’ but the cover was damn gorgoeus..DARE TO FAIL,a catchy title rite?..who want to fail?a failure is like the end of the world for us..the book that was written by Billi P.S.Lim actually should be a wake up call for all of us..this non – Muslim writer help us to find the ‘hikmah’ behind any failure with his own experience..every clouds has its silver lining rite?

The story and example potrayed was,i rewrite the one of the story(the shortest story available actually..kih3) :

An old man once lost a horse.His neighbours all came to console him. But the old man said, "It may turn out to be a good thing." A few months later, the horse came back by itself and brought another fast horse with it. The old man's neighbours this time came to congratulate him. But he said, "This may turn out to be bad."

One day, the old man's son went out riding on the fast horse. the horse ran too fast, and his son fell down and broke his leg, became crippled and handicapped(so,what do you think, is it a bad thing??).. years later, the country was at war with its neighbours. All abled bodied youths were drafted to become soldiers. Many of the youths died in that war except the old man's son(so, what do you think, is it a good thing?)

Here some intresting quotes from the book :

Bad may not be bad, it may be good; good may not be good, it may be bad..

"Every adversity, every failure, every handicap, every physical ailment, every unpleasant circumstance and experience carries with it the seed of an equivalent benefit, often in some hidden form"

Every failure is a lesson that drives a person to try a new approach never tried before.

As a conclusion, it's not how far you fall, but how high you bounce that matters..a loser will not always remain a,let us proved ourselves..we are the messager of Allah..we have the best guidance ever, Al – Quran.. Allah will always lite up the way as along as we fear and never neglect Him..